CQP 400 On-Line Process Spectrometers

What is On-Line Real-Time Process Absorption Spectrometry?

The ability to make spectrometric absorption measurement in-situ within a dynamic continuous process whereupon data is generated within a specified critical time period is known as On-Line Real-Time Process Spectrometry. Typical applications involve monitoring:

  • Concentration
  • Colour
  • Solvent Purity

Based upon considerable in-house expertise a range of such instruments, designated the CQP400 Series, has been developed by Chemquip Ltd specifically to meet the requirements of chemical process industries which are capable of making measurements in even the most severe of process environments.

Why use On-Line Process Spectrometry?

This non-invasive in-situ measurement technique does not disrupt or change the process and due to the low power of the light source makes it ideal for intrinsically safe or hazardous locations.

It is the ability to sense directly, without having to take samples, which allows continuous real-time measurements to be made, which is essential when determining;

  • a reactions progress
  • an end-point
  • a particular products' presence

Example of a products' presence expressed as an absorption curve which could be used to control a valve or set an alarm.

Where is it applicable?

Ideal for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Effluent processes where the sample material is in one of the following phases:

  • gas
  • liquid
  • solid suspension/slurry/powder

A typical installation requiring continuous On-Line Real-Time Analysis of a process


What basic criteria must I address when selecting an appropriate CQP400 system?

Spectral Range : determines spectrometer type

  • Near Infra Red (900 - 1700 nm)
  • Visible (310 - 900 nm)
  • Ultra-Violet (230 - 400 nm)

Sampling Rate : determines embedded processor power (386, 486 or Pentium®)

Sample Phase : determines probe type (In-Line and Transmission for gases and liquids, ATR for slurries and powders)

Plant Spectrometers
On-Line Process Spectrometer Workstation in a 19" rack configuration.
On-Line Process Spectrometer in a Kombi configuration with a menu driven operator interface.
Transmission Probe.
In-Line Cells
Single Path In-Line Cell.
Double Path In-Line Cell.


  • Enclosures to various IP ratings.
  • Industrial data outputs, analogue & digital.
  • Communications software ready to interface to an in-house SCADA package.


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