A full range of mechanical seals interchangable with brand leading models are
available from Chemquip at significant cost savings!

Industries and organisations around the world are under mounting pressure to streamline operations, lower production costs and increase efficiency.

Efficient and reliable sealing of rotating equipment, is accomplished with today’s mechanical seal technology in Chemquip products, knowledge base and application. This results in equipment that is compact & easy to install, less expensive to install and operate. Chemquip mechanical seals are used in a vast array of industries from petrochemcials, through agro and food, to pharmaceuticals.

With decades of global experience in sealing technology, systems, production and engineering, Chemquip can provide the right choice in mechanical seal technology for your installation.Whether it is Multi-spring, pusher type (balanced or unbalanced) seals; PTFE-, Metal-, or Rubber- Bellows seal; Cartridge, Reverse Balanced or Agitator seals.

All interchangable with seals from leading manufacturers such as Crane, Burgmann, etc. At significant cost savings!





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