Mixer Division
Mixers for a wide range of applications, selected to meet user’s requirements, in powers from 0.18 to 90 kW (0.25 -150 HP) as standard; higher powers available upon request.

We provide an engineering service to assist you to prepare your mixer specification. To meet the diverse process requirements and many mixer configurations, we offer individual engineering with up-to-date design techniques and a guaranteed high standard of mixer performance. Advice will be given for any vessel shapes, internals and heat transfer etc., or we can manufacture the complete vessel package.

Shaft sealing can be by means of lip seals, packed glands, single and double mechanical seals, or magnetic-coupling. Cartridge seals can be supplied for temperatures up to 230 oC and 0 - 20 bar absolute. All other types of seals can be incorporated in our designs.

User can nominate seal, motor or gearbox manufacturer.

Contact parts can be manufactured in carbon and stainless steels, ‘Hastelloy’, titanium, Zirconium and other exotic materials. Various grades of plastic, phenolic or rubber coatings are also available to meet a wide variety of process applications.


Top Entry
  • Vari-angle clamp or fixed mounted
  • Single or double propellers
  • ’Lubricated for life’ speed reduction gearbox
  • 200 V Single or 220/240 V three-phase motors
  • Variable speed
  • Lip seal
  • Mechanical seals
  • Air powered up to 2.2 kW
  • Power range from 0.18 to 3 kW
Air driven direct drive
with a vari-angle clamp
  • Spiral bevel, Worm or Helical
    spur gearboxes
  • Direct or belt driven
  • Variable speed
  • Lip seals
  • Packed gland
  • Single or double shaft seals
  • Magnetic drive
  • Wide choice of impellers
  • Choice of mounting flanges
  • Power ranges from 0.75 to 90 kW
Model 12TWG500/2-SBFS 37 kW Top Entry Mixer with stuffing box, water cooled dual impellers and foam breaker.  
High Shear

High shear mixer on a counter balanced
stand incorporating a weigh scale.

High shear mixers are highly efficient, flexible and robust in design and offer a high degree of reliability. As the fluids pass through the dispersion head, they are subjected to a very high shear rate at relatively low pumping rates enabling the material to be subjected to a high degree of work.

We supply high shear units as standard immersion, bottom entry or in-line units which develop a positive head. From laboratory-scale to full-scale Industrial Units they come with a wide range of interchangeable cutting head designs for duties as diverse as: -

  • Disintegration
  • Flash-blending (liquid/powder mixing)
  • Emulsification
  • Solubilisation


Side Entry
These heavy-duty side-entry mixers are designed principally for arduous Oil and Paper industry applications, but similar designs are
available for other duties with wetted parts in corrosion resistant or plastic coated materials.
  • Propeller specially developed to give the maximum flow per kW with freedom from cavitation.
  • Shaft; large diameter for rigidity and hard surfaced to resist fretting corrosion.
  • Bearings; minimum calculated life 100,000 hours.
  • Mechanical seal; suitable for all hydro-carbons.
  • Tank shut off; equipped with positive lock.
  • Belt drive; totally enclosed and generously rated for long-life.
  • Belts are antistatic and oil resistant.
Side Entry Mixer
Model SEB55/1-SB
fitted with a 4.0kw motor. The belt drive
gives an output speed of 320rpm.
Unit is fitted with a mechanical seal
with restrictor bush on outboard side.
Side Entry Mixer Model SEG14/1-SB 0.75kw drive output shaft operating at 429rpm complete with a 7 ring stuffing box. Can be supplied with mechanical seals.

Virtually custom built from a variety of standard parts to suit individual applications.

  • Predictable residence times
  • Flow rates from 10 to 100,000 gallons per hour
  • Operating pressures up to 500 psig
  • Heat transfer surfaces
  • Variable speed
  • Choice of electric or pneumatic drives
  • Double mechanical sealed shafts, or magnetic-drive
  • Packed glands

The mixing chamber compartment together with dual turbines, which are mounted on a common shaft, can be supplied in a number of exotic materials, including titanium, ‘Hastelloy’, and zirconium.

LBA-05-MS Air Driven In-Line Mixers consisting of two mixed compartments. Total capacity 150ml. Vessel closure by mechanical seal. Units blend audio & video tape magnetic coating.
High pressure multi-stage reactor. The vessel contains 18 fully mixed compartments. The mixer shaft carries 18 turbines & 17 closure disks. Unit operates at 2500psig @ 450 oC. The reactor is key part of pilot plant treating domestic waste to form a fuel oil.
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